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We work in presentable system and highly flexible to adjust to clients' preferences. Moreover,
we are committed to provide trustworthy report(s) to our clients.


Media Service

Reaching to the right target group using appropriate in-depth tools on popular platforms such as Facebook/Instagram/Google/YouTube to create worthiness by experienced team

Influencer Marketing

Deliver the right messages to the target audiences through influencer(s) on social media platforms in order to create credibility and stimulate trend by using word of mouth

Content Marketing

Creating the brand value and managing to attract customer using in-depth strategies and information to create quality contents to effectively communicate with target audience

TikTok Ads

Increasing awareness by creating quality and creative campaigns on TikTok platform which offer plenty of functions supporting to come up with many creative contents


Creating a better result for your business by using the most popular platform to raise brand awareness. You can select the proper media content which serve your objectives including article and video

Twitter Ads

Increasing your business opportunity by reaching to your target audience on fastest trend-updated platform-Twitter

Case Study

Clockwork is the clock-mechanism comprising many gears to support the perfect operation and movement. 'Clockwork Media Team' is a digital-advertising specialist working together as your supportive gears aiming to achieve the best solution.'


P90 Index คืออะไร?

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SEO VS SEM ต่างกันอย่างไร และควรใช้อะไร?

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เจาะ 5 รูปแบบการทำโฆษณาบน TikTok

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Googl เจาะรูปแบบการทำ Google Ads

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เจาะรูปแบบการทำโฆษณาบน Facebook

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เจาะรูปแบบการทำโฆษณาบน Twitter

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